Network for All
Democratizing Wide Area Wireless Connectivity
Puloli offers Network as a Service (NaaS) for wide area wireless connectivity.
Now anyone can become a virtual service provider.
We do Networks.
So that our customers can focus on content and consumers.
How does NaaS work?
Turn-key Virtual Wireless WAN
We bring true virtualization to last mile access. The days of purpose-built networks and vertical silos are over. Ours is a full, end-to-end SDN.
Spectrum Agility
We activate a wide range of frequency spectrum to concurrently carry multiple customers' traffic.
Service, Content Agnostic
We don't compete with our customers for services, consumers, or brand. We do one thing, and one thing only: The Network.
Simple Subscription Model
Our customers simply pay a recurring subscription for coverage and capacity. Excessive CapEx and OpEx are now a thing of the past.
10x Lower Cost
The cost of a megabyte is at least 10x lower than legacy networks. Everything from direct content delivery to wide area IoT is now economically viable.
About Puloli
Puloli was founded by Kethees Ketheesan and Kevin Koehler. We are industry veterans with R&D experience spanning three generations of wireless infrastructure. We have taken companies from early stages to successful exits. We are assembling a top notch team of technical, business, and operations experts from the wireless infrastructure industry to create the ultimate disruptive networking company.
Kethees Ketheesan
Kevin Koehler
Puloli is an Alchemist Accelerator company
Puloli is a San Francisco, CA based company.
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